Ellis Park and Horse Racing: Your Gateway to Thrilling Action


In the heart of Kentucky, a true horse racing gem is nestled. Welcome to Ellis Park, a track that’s built on a rich history, featuring some of the most exciting races and top-notch horses in the industry. Ellis Park represents the green river jockey club, where each race breathes life into the traditions of the sport.

The Ellis Park Experience

Ellis Park isn’t just a race track; it’s an experience. The thrill of placing your bets, the anticipation as the horses line up, and the heart-pounding excitement as they dash towards the finish line is unparalleled. And there’s no better way to enjoy the experience than with our expert Ellis Park picks, designed to elevate your betting game and potentially maximize your winnings.

A Historical Racetrack in Henderson

Situated in Henderson, Ellis Park has a fascinating history, dating back to when it was established as a stunning summer meet venue. It stands as a testament to the love for horse racing in this region, creating a bond between the sport and the community that is as strong as it was when it first started.

Join the Ellis Park Party

There’s no party like an Ellis Park party! From the roar of the crowds to the thrill of seeing the most likely winners sprint towards victory, this is where the action truly is. And we’re inviting you to be part of this extraordinary experience, with exclusive access to our free Ellis Park picks.

Bet with Confidence:

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Our team provides detailed analysis for each race at Ellis Park, offering a clear view of the potential outcomes. From spotting underdogs that could surprise everyone to predicting the performance of favorites, our picks give you a competitive edge.

Ellis Park Results

Curious about Ellis Park results? Look no further! We offer comprehensive coverage of race results, providing insights that could influence your future bets. Keep track of winning horses, trainer strategies, and other vital details that could give you the upper hand.

Make the Most of Your Day at Ellis Park

Planning your day at Ellis Park? From choosing the right races to bet on, deciding how much money to bring, or understanding track conditions, we’ve got you covered. Our free Ellis Park picks are not only based on comprehensive research, but they also consider daily variables like weather conditions and track changes.

From Kentucky to the Belmont Stakes

Ellis Park’s significance extends beyond Kentucky. Many horses that have run at Ellis Park have gone on to win prestigious races, including the Belmont Stakes and races at Churchill Downs. By following our free Ellis Park picks, you could be betting on a future champion!

Ellis Park: More Than Just a Track

When you’re betting at Ellis Park, you’re contributing to a legacy. The excitement, the anticipation, the celebration of winners—every aspect of a race day contributes to the ongoing history of this remarkable place.

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FAQ Summer meet

How much does it cost to get into Ellis Park?

While the cost may vary depending on the event, general admission to Ellis Park is usually free, which makes it an affordable and exciting day out for horse racing enthusiasts and families alike.

What is post time at Ellis Park?

Ellis Park usually starts its races in the afternoon, but post times can vary. It’s always a good idea to check the official Ellis Park website or your most reliable horse racing source for the most accurate post times.

Who owns Ellis Park Racing?

Ellis Park Racing is owned by Laguna Development Corporation, a company that is committed to providing exciting racing action and promoting the sport of horse racing.

What is the history of the Ellis Park race track?

Ellis Park, built in 1922 as Dade Park by the Green River Jockey Club, has a rich history in horse racing. Originally named after the track’s chairman, James C. Ellis, Ellis Park is one of the oldest racetracks in the country and has played host to countless thrilling races throughout its history.

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