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I have been with Battaglia’s pick for quite some time now. Done very good for me.It is a good value.

Tory Duke

Excellent. The winner is almost always among the three or four selections he offers per race. This is especially helpul for those us of making multi-leg wagers. as we can, and often do use more than one or two horses per race. The comments for weach horse also are helpful in determining on whom to bet.

Yes. One big win more than pays for the VIP Membership.



Tom’s (Battaglia’s Picks) picks are just the best picks out there. Real value plays. I have been with Tom so long not sure how long but we have won a Ton of money over the years Tom plays are great everyday but the big days Derby, Oaks Breeders cup,Belmont and Preakness. Seems to help me the most. $$$$$$

Keep them winners coming


Good results and have enjoyed your take on the race

Absolutely worth it you’re doing a great job