Navarro, Servis, and a bunch of idiots

Before I jump in a ream these bunch of morons, I have to start with a legal disclaimer (boring). The views expressed in this post are mine and mine only, all parties are innocent until proven guilty.-DONE

Now Jorge Navarro and Jason Servis- you two are idiots– you should be banned from getting within 500 feet of any race track for the rest of your pathetic lives. You are facing up to 10 years in jail and I hope you get every day.


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Anyone who has spent some time at the track knows that there is cheating that goes on at just about every track and just about every day. Some of the cheating is not directly in violation of any so called rules but in my opinion, it’s still cheating.

For example- have you ever head a trainer say “he may need a race” yeah well that’s code for – we know he is not going to win, our connections know he is not going to win, the jockey knows he is not going to win the only people who don’t know are the bettors. 99% of the time you will not hear a trainer even say that, they just do it. They bring a horse back to the track after a layoff (it doesn’t even have to be a long layoff)  and run him in a race just to get him fit and ready for the next race. Sorry Bettors

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That is not violating any sort of racing rule the only people who get cheated are the bettors.

Another example of this type: you see high win percentage trainers with high numbers across the board EXCEPT with their first time starters. Well why is that,  it’s because they send them over for their first race, NOT READY. They “give them” a race just to tighten them up for the next one. Of course every one knows except the bettors.  Sure you can look at their win percentage with their first timers and make the connections but should we really have too? –sorry bettors

Let’s look at a more sophisticated “cheat”.  I have a horse that is eligible to run in a non winners of three life condition. What do I do, I move him up to take on open company, multiple winners in two or three races in a row. This “muddies” up the form on the horse so when I do drop him in with non winners of three life, I get a much better price. The trainer, the rider, the connections all know what is going on, they are just waiting to cash a nice bet who doesn’t know the bettors. Sure not every bettor will be fooled by this move, but the vast majority will be.

There are tons of variations on “giving” a horse a race.  Take a horse with zero turf breeding and put him on the grass for a few starts. Switch him back to the dirt and cash your bet at a good price or visa versa.

How about a trainer dropping, let’s say, a horse that’s been taking on 25k claimers down to 10k. Is he dropping him down looking to win a race or is he dropping him down because he is sore and the trainer is praying someone claims him. He knows, the rider knows, the Bettors don’t

These are just a few examples, there is not enough time in the day for me to write about the others!

All these forms of “cheating” I can live with….heck I have cashed many a good bets because I have seen it so many times, I know what to look for. Even at that they still sneak them past me on a daily basis.

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A trainer or vet or anybody who takes a needle and injects an illeagal substance into an animal to increase their  performance should be banned for life PERIOD. The bettors getting cheated in the above scenarios is one thing…..this is totally something different. Servis and Navarro you two are idiots- hey let’s drug Maximun Security and X Y Jet …nobody’s really paying attention to those two…freaking morons.

I have defended the sport of Kings for years against those loony  PETA people….but my God….Horse Racing you are not making it easy.

I am glad they got caught, I hope this is the beginning of racing cleaning up at least that aspect of the game. That would make all the negative press the sport is going to recieve, all the PETA protest calling for the end, it will all be worth it. So get ready to take some lumps racing fans because it’s coming.

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