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Race 8

Post: 4:04 PM ET Dirt
1 Mile | Fillies and Mares | 3 Year Olds And Up | STARTER ALLOWANCE | Purse: $38,000 Daily Double / Exacta / 50 cent Trifecta / 10 cent Superfecta

  • # PP ODDS Horse
    (Last 3 Beyers) Free Horse Racing Picks(sire – dam | dam sire) Jockey Weight Trainer Claim $ Med.
  • 1 1 ML 4-1 Caramel Cream J. Garcia 117 Lbs J. Guerrero 
  • 2 2 ML 2-1 Jill Madden D. Haddock 121 Lbs M. Pino 
  • 3 3 ML 8-1 Donna’s Dunkirk A. Salgado 121 Lbs D. Curry 
  • 4 4 ML 6-1 Friday Mass L. Ocasio 121 Lbs R. Dandy 
  • 5 5 ML 12-1 Little Sister L. Rodriguez Castro 121 Lbs C. Reese 
  • 6 6 ML 15-1 Hola Princess J. Felix, Jr. 124 Lbs C. Soto 
  • 7 7 ML 20-1 Stay Special F. Pennington 121 Lbs W. Hedus 
  • 8 8 ML 3-1 Annika Gold L. Fuentes 114 Lbs A. Velazquez 
  • 9 9 ML 20-1 Case Dismissed A. Arroyo 121 Lbs A. Martinez 
  • Changes: Stay Special jockey changed to Caballero H

Free Parx Picks  8-2-1

How much do I have to bet?

Wagers have different bet minimums. You can make a wager for as little as ten cents ($0.10) playing the Superfecta or $1 for a Win bet. Although these are the minimums, many guests wager more and $5, and $10 Win bets are quite common. NYRA also has designated windows for guests wagering a minimum of $50 per wager.

How do I place a wager at the window?

  • State the NAME of the track.
  • State the RACE NUMBER.
  • State the AMOUNT of the bet.
  • State the TYPE of bet.
  • State the NUMBER of the horse.
  • Example: “Belmont, 4th race, $10 to Win on 5.”

How are the odds determined?

The track handicapper sets the morning line, which are the odds he believes the horses will be at post time. As money is wagered, the odds change continuously until post time, and are determined by the amount of money wagered on each horse.

Why do odds fluctuate after the race starts?

Wagering at all NYRA tracks closes when the starting gate opens. Final odds cannot be posted until the race is in progress. There is a slight delay due to the high volume of last-minute wagering at simulcast sites across the nation as final odds are calculated by the totalisator system. No wagering site has the capability to accept bets after the start of any NYRA race.

Do I have to report my winnings to the IRS?

The Internal Revenue Service requires reporting of payouts on wagers or group of identical wagers that exceed odds of 300 to 1 and pay in excess of $600. IRS regulations also require automatic 24% withholding on payouts that exceed $5,000. Please note that for non-US residents, IRS regulations require automatic withholding of 30% on wagers that exceed odds of 300 to 1 and pay in excess of $600. Windows designated for IRS winning tickets are located on all floors. Patrons must present a picture ID (driver’s license or non-driver’s state ID, federal, state, or city ID, passport, or NYRA ID).

Types of Bets
Win-Place-Show Bets

Betting on horse racing can be fun and easy. There are several different wagers offered each race, but these are the three most basic:

  • The first is a “win” wager. Betting a horse to win is just as fun as it sounds – the horse must win the race in order for you to win the wager.
  • Next, is a “place” wager. This is betting on a horse to finish in the top 2. You win the wager if your horse finishes first or second.
  • Betting a horse to “show” means selecting a horse who you think will finish in the top 3. You win the wager if your horse finishes first, second, or third.

Free Parx Picks

Because of the difficulty of a win wager, it will yield the highest payoff of these three wagers. A show wager will yield the lowest payoff but offers the greatest chance of winning.

The minimum bet for a win, place or show wager is only $2.

Exacta Bets

If you’ve mastered the art of win, place and show wagers, try an exacta. An exacta is more difficult than win, place and show wagers, but yields a higher payout. You bet an exacta by selecting a minimum two horses to finish first and second. These horses must finish first and second, in that order, for you to win the wager.

If picking two horses in order sounds too difficult, you can “box” your wager. A boxed wager will win if your horses finish 1st and 2nd, in any order, making it more likely for you to win.

The minimum bet for an exacta or exacta box wager is only $2.

Trifecta Bets

If you’ve mastered the art of win, place and show wagers, try a trifecta. A trifecta is more difficult than win, place and show wagers, as well as exacta wagers, so it yields a higher payout than any of those bets.

You bet a trifecta by selecting a minimum three horses to finish first, second, and third. These horses must finish first, second, and third, in that exact order, for you to win the wager. Free Parx Picks

If picking three horses in order sounds too difficult you can “box” your wager. A boxed trifecta wager will win if your horses finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, in any order, making it more likely to win.

The minimum bet for a trifecta wager is only 50 cents and you can bet a trifecta box for as little as $3.

Free Parx Picks

What to Say to the Mutuel Teller When You Bet

If you’re a beginning bettor you probably want to place your bets at a mutuel window with a live mutuel teller before using self-service betting machines and mobile applications. Here’s what you should do when you get to the betting window:

  1. Have your money in hand, so that once you’re at the counter, you’re ready to make your bet
  2. State the track’s name
  3. State the race number you are betting on
  4. State the amount of money you are betting
  5. Say the type of bet you are placing
  6. Finally, state the horse’s program number

It should sound something like this, “Churchill Downs, Race 11, $2 to win on #4.” After you’ve handed the teller your money, make sure you take your betting ticket and store it in a safe, or lucky, place. If your bet wins, you’ll need to return to the betting window and give the teller your ticket to collect your winnings.

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