The following is a breakdown of our players and our payoffs for our winning pick six ticket on Friday.

This is going to be a long and lengthy email, as I want to be as transparent as possible.

First, I would like to show you a breakdown of the last two pick six tickets that we have played so you have a frame of reference.

This is a breakdown of the pick six we played on closing day at CD, when they had to give the entire pool away and we lost by a nose!

The following is the screen shots of the sales for the pick six:


Shares purchased: 12 full, 9 half and 22 quarter shares. note: the sales amount is not correct because of the fees imposed by paypal on each transaction as well as the deposit fees on Bet America.

Please make a note of the number of players, on a that huge pick six give away day.

The pick six we played on Thursday at Aqueduct broke down like this:




Full 17-half 14-quarter 16

I wanted to show you the last two so you could see our average number of players.

Going into Friday, and playing back to back pick six’s, we figured to get around $2000-$2500 or about 20-25 total shares. I am not sure if it was because of the 3 million plus jackpot, or the race day falling on a Friday, but we had a record number of buy in’s. Here are the screen shots

Full 33-Half 27-Quarter 3


I deposited 2K into the betting account last night when the orders started coming in. I then tried again this morning when I saw all the other orders but I was having problems with Bet America depositing options: Here is my chat with their online support this morning: This actually saved us money, as we always pick a ticket as close to the money we have , as we can.

Chat Transcript
info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
info: You are now chatting with ‘Mandy’
info: Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK122140167843946X
Mandy: Hello.  How may I assist you?
you: hello, I just tried to deposit 2000 through paylucky and it would not go through, however the charge says pending at my bank and the 2000 has been withdrawn
you: so in other words, until that charge comes back as declined I do not have access to my 2k….is there anyway of sending the decline notice right away?
Mandy: Can I get your First and Last name please
you: tom battaglia
you: i deposit all the time, usually with just my card, like last night 2k….but today it was declining my card so I tried paylucky…..
Mandy: Are you getting an error from them
you: i got a error message from paylucky….and when I try to use my card today it say it may be declined because of gambling site
you: i get that message every once in a while,,,,usually just a wait a few minutes and it works….but not today..!
Mandy: One moment
Mandy: Are you getting a Limit message?
you: no….i had my limits raised like a month ago.
Mandy: We will reach out to Paylucky for you
you: thank you!
Mandy: Once we hear back from them we will send you an email
Mandy: You are welcome
you: thanks again
you: have a great day
Mandy: You are welcome
Mandy: Enjoy your dayHad I known that I was only going to be able to deposit 2k, I would have capped it at that.

So here is the actual break down of the Money:  total in our pool: $5525 to start with  (after paypal fees)  -$79 deposit fees at Bet America= $5446 – $1890 for the bet = $3556  + our winnings $2790 (that is after our minus 10%) = $6346 so every full share gets $115, half share 57.50, and quarter $28.75

I know it totally sucks to hit a pick six and break even, but the favorites won just about every single race. I have already put in a withdraw request from Bet America, it should hit my bank in 3-5 business days, then I will switch it to my paypal account, and then I can send you the payment. We are hoping the money will be hitting right about the time the pick six is back up again and we will be able to play right back.

I hope this makes sense, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thanks for playing and I really wish we could have made some money,


It could be worse, we could have played in the Twinspires Players pool- they took in 15k and lost $11,121.00

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