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​Expert Breeders Cup Picks REVIEWS


Tom’s (Battaglia’s Picks) picks are just the best picks out there. Real value plays. I have been with Tom so long not sure how long but we have won a Ton of money over the years Tom plays are great everyday but the big days Derby, Oaks Breeders cup,Belmont and Preakness. Seems to help me the most. $$$$$$Keep them winners coming


Very good. Good analysis. YesAdd a 5 pick in super hi 5 races.


These are solid picks. If you are a horse racing fan I recommend these picks. Be here over 2 years. Great value.Yes the value is great. We’re else can you get good picks for the price.I continue to follow your picks


I have had some really good day using battagliaspicks!Top Notch


It’s been good keep up the work.YesI have enjoyed the service.


I compare Your picks with my handicapping, then adjust accordingly. With your help l am doing better.Not sure exactly what it is.I liked how you would list or group all the race selections together, then show each race information like you do now.


I have been with Battaglia’s pick for quite some time now. Done very good for me.It is a good value.

Tory Dukeprofile-pic

Good results and have enjoyed your take on the raceAbsolutely worth it you’re doing a great job


The top picks are winners quite often longshots are not to be ignored.I think it is worth the money, I find live horses I never would have. some days are bad but not usually two bad days in a row.none


Vert profitableYes, and very convenient, too..First pick of your selection in every race usually (never wins). Why is your first pick ? I think you need to make some numbers update. Good luck.



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