The annals of horse racing, few names resonate with the essence of unbeaten glory as does Personal Ensign. This remarkable mare embarked on a journey that etched her name into the very soul of the turf. The tale of Personal Ensign is not merely about the number of wins but the indomitable spirit that shone through each stride she took on the race track.

Early Life and Breeding

Born on April 27, 1984, in Kentucky, Personal Ensign was bred by the esteemed Ogden Phipps. Hailing from a lineage that bore the legacy of champions, she was sired by Private Account and her dam was Grecian Banner. The pedigree she came from promised a good deal, yet Personal Ensign was destined to exceed all expectations.

Stepping onto the Race Track

Personal Ensign made her racing debut as a two-year-old in 1986, displaying an early promise of the champion she was to become. Under the meticulous training of Claude R. McGaughey III, she began honing her racing prowess, racking up win after win, each victory narrating a tale of her growing legend.

The Unbeaten Streak

Her career was nothing short of a spectacle. Personal Ensign retired with an impeccable record of 13 wins in 13 starts. Among her notable victories were the Breeders’ Cup Distaff and the Whitney Handicap, where she beat the eminent male contender, Gulch. The Breeders’ Cup Distaff in 1988 was a race that showcased her grit and determination. Trailing at the final turn, she made a dramatic comeback in the stretch, edging out the Kentucky Derby-winning filly Winning Colors by a nose at the wire.

Leaving a Legacy

Personal Ensign’s undefeated record places her among the ranks of the few horses who retired unbeaten. Her legacy transcended the race track as she became a notable broodmare, passing on her champion genes to the next generations. The impact Personal Ensign had on the sport, the joy she brought to the hearts of race enthusiasts, and the legend she built with every race, remains etched in the annals of horse racing lore.


The tale of Personal Ensign is an inspiring narrative of a horse that defied odds, showcased exemplary racing talent, and left a legacy that continues to resonate in the horse racing community. Her story exemplifies the essence of what makes horse racing a sport of kings and champions.

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