The definitive answer from a gambler

Let’s cut right to it– I am a Horse Racing Gambler, and have been my whole life. I started running bets when I was 12 or 13 year olds, you know before the self serve machines took over and there was no internet. I know what you are thinking, how could you make a bet at the teller when you were that young. Well, when you are at a Kentucky track, and your last name is Battaglia, and you are running bets for some well known and powerful (to remain anonymous) people, you would be surprised at what you can do. Not to brag on myself but I was the best, you could send me from the press box with a minute to post and you could bank on the fact I would make it downstairs to a teller and get the bet on with plenty of time to spare! Man ol man did I make a lot of money doing it–aww the good ole days.

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Now fast forward to today and you don’t even have to get off your couch to make a bet. Ah the assholes I could have avoided with that technology-lol. 

With a multitude of online wagering platforms to chose from, which one should you chose? Well I know what one I use so maybe this review will help.

First off, like I said I am a gambler and I started with Twinspires but I have also used both TVG and Bet America. Here are my wagers through each account so you know I am not blowing smoke- 22k through Twinspires this year, 47k through Betamerica-last year and $885 through TVG this year. You can see that TVG account reporting is different than the top two.

With-out making you read a whole page to get to the winner, I will just tell you- for my money I will take Twinspires all day long and twice on Sunday’s. HOWEVER, THERE IS A HUGE MISTAKE and possibly a deal breaker on the near horizon for Twinspires.

What the three have in common- you sign up for an account, make a deposit, get a bonus, watch the race live and hopefully pick a winner.

The one thing I left out, and the one thing where Twinspires shines is HOW YOU MAKE YOUR BET.

I usually follow 2-4 tracks at a time and with Twinspires they make it extremely easy to do so. I can see the odds at all of my tracks, the minutes to post, with quick links to wager, exotic payoffs, will pays every thing a gambler needs to see at any given minute: see below.

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Now compare that to the TERRIBLE wagering interface at TVG– notice how you cannot see the odds at other tracks with-out clicking off of your current track. You have to scroll down to see the current odds because it does not fit on the screen. The will pays and Probables are also not on the screen–take a look at this mess..Note there are more than 9 horses in the race so you cannot see the odds on the bottom runners:

Bet America is no better as you have to search for, scroll to and click on things that you should not have too.

Now remember when I said that there is maybe a huge mistake in the future for Twinspires. They are in the process of updating their wagering interface! I am in shock as well as every other Twinspires players out there- just do a google search for twinspires new layout sucks and you will see!

Here is a preview of their new interface:

WHAT IN THE F IS THAT? I can guarantee you who-ever the moron is that designed this has never made a bet in his/her life and whoever the other moron is that gave this the green light should be fired. Note this is only my opinion, I don’t want the moron’s to sue me.

As of now (6-7-2020) the old interface is still available but with a caption across the top that reads:

First off- what the hell is “new classic” does that even make sense to anybody? Sorry about the language in this post but the more I started thinking about it the more upset I got…lol

Just to clear something up- you might look at the above wager totals and think why did I wager more at Betamerica if I like Twinspires better. The reason is, twinspires has a $400 deposit limit on a credit/debit card per day and Betamerica does not. When we play pick sixes we need to be able to deposit a lot more that the $400 limit per day at TS.

The reason I have started to play at TVG is when twinspires makes the switch, so am I, and I am trying to see what site sucks the least.

Here is what I would do if I were you.

1)I would sign up for Twinspires using this link and get a $100 bonus- use the “legacy classic” while you can- you can find it by going to Bet Now then second from the bottom Legacy Classic.

2) NOTE: TVG is unable to carry both Churchill and Belmont as of right now so BetAmerica is the second best. They also have a $100 bonus like Twinspires. They are also expanding into the sportsbook and Casino arena for those states that allow it. I cannot comment on that as it is not legal, as of now, in my state- KY

If you’re a resident of New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you can wager on sports and play casino today. If you’re a resident of Indiana, you can wager on sports today.

This could easily make them the one to go with if the legal gambling spreads to other states (keep an eye on that)!

3)I would also sign up with TVG as they do have the best promotion right now-Sign up by clicking here then bet up to $300 on a horse to win, if he losses you can get your $300 back! That is a very good offer.

One HUGE drawback for TVG is they are in fight with Churchill Downs and will be unable to carry them for the spring meet! Nor will they carry Belmont (all this is subject to change) so that is  a deal breaker at least for now.- unless you like a horse at Gulfstream or Santa Anita then by all means get your $300 FREE BET by clicking here

If/when  Twinspires switches their interface you can then decide between the three as to which one sucks the least.