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Bovada Overview

Bovada is a great sportsbook for a variety of reasons. For those who have been betting on sports for some time now, you may realize that Bovada is nothing more than a spin-off of the Bodog brand. Having been in business for more than 15 years, Bovada/Bodog is a trusted, comprehensive bookmaker able to satisfy the needs of every type of bettor.

The layout of the site itself is marked by the classic red and black Bodog theme. Once you click upon the sports betting tab, you will be redirected to a page where all sports betting options are listed. On the left side of the sports page, you will find all sports and leagues that are able to be bet upon. Most attractive, however, is the fact that Bovada lists the top 5 daily lines right on the sports betting homepage. This way, finding the line you want to bet on is made that much easier. Even if the game or match upon which you would like to wager is not listed directly on the sports betting homepage, it can easily be accessed by the neatly organized tabs that segregate sports, leagues, and events.

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Special Features

One of the most attractive aspects of Bovada as a bookmaker is their live betting offering. Live betting on Bovada includes not only a large quantity of sporting events day in and day out, but also a massive quantity of individual propositions as well. Whether it be soccer, football, basketball, or just about any other sport, chances are, you can make in-game wagers with Bovada.

Most importantly, it must be mentioned that Bovada’s live betting offering does not freeze or glitch. The software utilized runs smoothly and cleanly as to enhance your user experience dramatically.

Another notable offering on the part of Bovada is their mobile application. Though Bovada’s app does not exist as a downloadable add-on, you are able to access the sportsbook via your phone’s web browser. Once online and signed in to Bovada, you will find that the way in which the site functions is quite similar to the way any other smartphone app does. Like their website, Bovada’s mobile application runs smoothly and is free from any glitching or freezing.

What I like the most about Bovada’s mobile application is the fact that live betting is supported. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can utilize Bovada’s live betting services to place wagers on matches and games while they are still happening. Of course, the quality of your live betting experience will depend almost entirely on how strong your wireless or network connection is.

On top of it all, the bookmaker is constantly making changes to the application as to make your user experience one that is constantly getting better.

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Bonuses and Promotions

As far as promotions go, Bovada is not all that big on offering them. Though they have an attractive new deposit bonus that sees Bovada match 50% of a player’s initial deposit up to $250, they do not often offer promotions that are recurring or for bettors who use the site regularly.

Instead, the sportsbook’s best promotion comes in the form of a refer a friend promotion that sees Bovada match 200% of your friend’s deposit up to $100. This means that if you have a few friends who want to utilize Bovada as their sportsbook, you can add some nice money to your preexistent player bankroll.

While this particular sportsbook is not the biggest proponent of ongoing promotions, that does not mean that are completely devoid of them. If you regularly check back with Bovada you will see that they offer a few promotions for sports bettors throughout the year. In reality though, their best promos are reserved for those who also make use of the online casino.

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Withdrawals and Deposits

Generally speaking, Bovada likes to keep things simple. With their deposit and payout options, Bovada does a great job of keeping everything simple and easy to understand.

If you would like to add funds to your player bankroll, Bovada offers you the ability to do just that via a credit/debit card option and a Rapid Transfer option. Both of these payment methods carry their own terms and conditions, so be sure to read those thoroughly before committing to a deposit.

Just like it is with funding your player account, cashing out is as simple as possible on Bovada. If you would like to cash out any and all of your player bankroll, you have the option of either having that money Rapid Transferred to you, or receiving a check in the mail. Through my experience, Bovada is speedy with regard to their processing and dispatching of payments.

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Customer Service

Bovada offers telephone customer support 24/7, which is something most other sportsbooks cannot say. In addition to this, you can also reach customer service agents via email. All in all, Bovada’s customer service is top notch and does skimp in any way. When calling in, you are rarely put on hold and are attended to rather quickly. Though it may not seem like the most crucial aspect of a sportsbook, the quality of a given site’s customer service is often overlooked.

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